SStarTrade Tech, Inc
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Strategic Objective

To become, by 2021, a cost-effective gold-mining company of medium scale and produce at least 4,250 kg of gold per year.


The mission of SStarTrade Tech, Inc. is to ensure a steady increase in the value of gold mining business in the interests of our shareholders.

We are professionally engaged in gold mining and want to achieve shining results in this field. But, we always remember, that all that shines is not gold. Therefore, specific to us: circumspection and caution in actions, conservatism in traditions and constructive attitude to everything new, i.e. we always «keep our nose to the wind».


Our company used to be called Smart Holdings, Inc. and was incorporated under the laws of the State of Nevada on December 6, 2005. Since April 2008 Smart Holdings, Inc. was quoted on OTC Markets «Pink Sheet». In July 2017, the new owners changed the name of the company and we became SStarTrade Tech, Inc.

About Us

Currently, SStarTrade Tech, Inc. is a holding company and owns 74 percent of the voting shares of the Swiss corporation SStarTrade SA, which in turn is the sole owner of the gold mining and steelmaking business in Russia.

SStarTrade Tech, Inc (SSTT) is a publicly-held company listed on the U.S. OTC Markets, Pink Market Segment - Current Information.

The main activity of our Company is the organization of financing and implementation of an investment project in the field of gold mining at the Kadara gold deposit in the Trans-Baikal Territory, in the Russian Federation. The project includes an investment attraction to establish a gold mining company with the initial resource base of 177 tons of gold. The project envisages financing of prospecting works for confirmation of the gold reserves and construction of a gold-processing complex.

Our top management


After his military period, Bruno Horn, started work as acquisition manager for a pipe and duct producing group, this experience then brought him to the Olivetti Group as acquisition manager for OEM products.

In this function he followed the introduction of the first laptop of the history of the group, the desk top publishing project and the entry in the cell phone activity that then brought to the creation of Omnitel.

He then changed field of activity still with Olivetti International as head of the financial back office for the group.

He then started to work in the steel trading business, in 1993, with Olsher Metals, the Swiss company of a US group where he ran the European office to 1997, the activity also embraced the management of sports contracts securing sponsoring to teams in football as well as managing individual players. He then took the function of director with the Lucchini Group of companies running the office for trade towards the US and Canadian markets.

In 2002 he became CFO of MMK Steel, the international trading entity of the Russian steel manufacturer MMK.

Bruno Horn is still active with his personal company in steel trading.

Bruno Horn then started the activity of consultant for Russian groups willing to run their trading activities from Switzerland.

This has brought him to have some pretty good knowledge of the Russian industrial and financial environment creating ties with various entities in this country.

He also has participations in a Pharmaceutical unit as well as oil trading and in the creation and development of a social messenger platform.